The Best Eating Guide to Windsor

If you want a more exclusive eating guide, then the following should help you choose. Base yourselves in Windsor and visit some of the finest restaurants in and around Windsor.

Windsor Grill
65 St Leonards Road Tel 01753 859658. Antony Worrall Thompson’s Grill restaurant. Lovely surrounding and a good meal. The selection of fresh breads was particularly impressive. Last time I eat here I was a little disappointed as I had such high expectations. The steak I had was too fatty, but I would have to counter that by saying that every one else I was with had an excellent meal, and I really should have just been un-English and sent my food back!

Monkey Island Hotel
Monkey Island Lane, Bray. Set on an island on the Thames river, this perfect setting includes a most excellent restaurant. Fairly pricey, but the setting will be hard to match and so will the food and the friendly superior service. We were married here, and are somewhat biased, but we both love this place.

Waterside Inn
Ferry Road, Bray Tel 01628 620691. A Michelin 3 Star restaurant. Expensive but with such a reputation it is difficult to beat, except by the Fat Duck perhaps? We ate here in 2006 and agreed with our guests and friends who have recommend it as a definite eating experience. Very “French” in the wines, food and style of service. Now run by Alain Roux, son of the world famous chef Michel Roux, Alain wandered about chatting at the end of the evening and was a pleasure to talk to. Don’t be put off by the reputation of the place, as the staff were really there to help and guide you through all the wines and menu. One thing of note was the cheese board. Amazing choice and a cheese specialist there to help you, he asked me what sort of cheese I liked, then produced these and a couple of others all arranged around a plate and I was given instruction on which to eat first and the order, weakest to strongest. Fantastic! Overall, very unpretentious which surprised me. For the money, we had a real eating experience, but with so much competition locally we may not be back for quite a while!

Fat Duck
High Street, Bray. Tel 01628 580333. In January 2004 the Fat Duck was awarded Michelin 3 Stars and in 201 has been named the UK’s best restaurant for the third year in a row. Slightly less expensive then the Waterside, the Fat Duck is famous for its varied menu. Highly recommended for that extra special occasion. An amazing wine list with an exceptional amount of wines available by the glass. Definitely one for the true “foodies” out there. Heston Blumenthal has become more famous than the restaurant now with TV shows and a real science approach to food that has enabled him to get a grant for food research! He now owns the Hinds Head in Bray which has been named Michelin Pub of the Year 2011.

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